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All people like to travel, open for themselves new cities and countries, climates and landscapes, get acquainted with new cultures and enrich the inner world. In addition, travelling help us to discover new verges of communication, to review our values ​​and life goals, to look inward and become optimists. Yes, they will take our time, some resources and forces, but in return they will give us immeasurably more: the delight of discovery, knowledge, moments of happiness and pleasure of the way - something that is not sold in stores and markets. And it's not so important; you're going to another continent or to a neighboring city, where you've never been before, just enjoy the moment!

Enjoy your travels!

And to enjoy the rest without the hassle, entrust its organization to the professionals of our travel company.


Our company, LTD «Eridan» registered in

United Federal Reestr of tour operators:  Federal Tour Operator Number  - РТО 001789


We have accreditation in Consulates and work with GUVM MVD OF Russia.



Work hours:

Monday – Friday - 10:00-19:00

Saturday - 12:00-16:00

Phones: +78123225738, +79811770357, +79811770359

In internet:  24/7/365



Office address: Saint-Petersburg, 1 Artilleriiskaia st business-center “Europa-House”, 1 floor

Metro: Chernyshevskaia, Maiakovskaia

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